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Genesee County Compassion Club General Membership Rules


Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, and is subject to paying annual dues.

Members agree to abide by and uphold Michigan law, as well as the G3C rules.

Members will conduct themselves in a socially appropriate manner at all times.

No loitering is allowed, including vehicles, parking lot and common areas. Pets are allowed with approval.


The G3C Clubhouse is a private area for registered cardholders only. Any member entering the Clubhouse must first show a current MMMP patient or caregiver card, along with driver’s license and G3C member card. Any card/ID that is expired, incomplete or otherwise questionable will not be accepted. Each member may only enter the Clubhouse once per day, no exceptions.

Cardholders agree to stay within the mandated State limits of usable medication. All members entering with cannabis must present appropriate ID along with the cannabis, which will be inspected and weighed. Any material found to be infested or otherwise unsuitable will not be allowed. Any cannabis based items must be appropriately labeled with the amount of cannabis they contain.

Vendor space is available for rent and booths are assigned on a lottery basis. No transferring is allowed outside of a booth space. Please review the "Clubhouse Guidelines For Table Rental," for a complete copy of Vendor rules.

Complaints and Disciplinary Action:

General Membership Meetings are held the first Friday of each month and members are encouraged to attend and participate. 

Members wishing to file a formal complaint with the G3C Board, are asked to document their complaint in writing and submit to a board member or the General Manager. The writing will be kept confidential and after consideration, the board will issue their decision to the parties involved.

Transferring outside of a Vendor space, attempts to enter the Clubhouse with more than limits allow and theft of any sort are all grounds for immediate revocation of membership. Any conduct by a member deemed to be detrimental to the G3C may be subject to suspension or loss of membership. Any member who receives 3 complaints against them will be subject to a membership review by the board.