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G3C Clubhouse Guidelines for Table Rental Space

All Caregivers (also referred to as Vendors) renting a booth space are required to proceed through Quantity check upon arriving. It is the Vendors responsibility to properly label, weigh and portion (if necessary) anything brought in for transfer to their Patients. Each Vendor must provide a valid state MMMP registry card (or acceptable paperwork with proof of mailing) for each of their Patients. G3C staff will weigh and inspect all product being brought in, as well as inspect all bags, purses, backpacks and containers. Vendors who attempt to bring in more than legally allowed will have their membership revoked. Rental space is for the transfer of medicinal cannabis only, no other items are allowed at the booth spaces.

After proceeding through Quantity check, Vendors will be assigned a numbered booth. G3C has 2 vending shifts every day, making each space available for a 5-hour period, either 10am-3pm or 3pm-8pm.  Cost of space is $30/shift and rental fees are due at time of check in. Renting more than 1 space is not allowed. Seating is filled on a first come first served basis and is reserved for caregivers only. Should no booth space be immediately available, G3C will maintain a wait list for Vendors as needed. Caregiver/Patient transactions are only allowed in the Clubhouse, at the rented booth space. Failure to comply or engaging in a transfer outside of these guidelines will result in termination of G3C membership.  No outside vending or marketing is allowed in any area of the facility.

Each Vendor is responsible for their own items and compensations. Transfers are not endorsed or overseen by the G3C. Any Vendor who chooses to donate back to the club at the end of their day, will be allowed to make a reservation for their next visit, not more than one week in advance.
Vendors who are late for their reservation have 1 hour to notify G3C of their delay, or your reservation will be released and the booth space will be rented out. Reservations are not transferable for any reason.